Frequently Asked Questions


Pricing FAQ

How much does PrestoSell cost?

PrestoSell is a subscription based service with a fixed monthly cost: Feed Management $25/month or Full-Service Optimization $100/month (includes Campaign and Feed Management).

Our webmaster team can also maintain a custom advertising campaigns for your business. A PrestoSell expert will provide you with a total monthly cost estimate before you are billed.

What about additional costs or contracts?

PrestoSell is a month-to-month service, so you can cancel at anytime. There are no contracts or long-term commitments.

With PrestoSell there are no transaction fees, revenue sharing, or any other hidden fees.

How does PrestoSell bill me?

Your monthly fee is automatically billed to your credit/debit card each month on the anniversary of your start date. You can cancel at anytime prior to your next month’s bill date and you will no longer be billed.

If you choose to subscribe to PrestoSell on a yearly basis, you’ll be billed for an entire year up-front (at a discounted rate). In a year’s time, you’ll be contacted with an option to continue with PrestoSell on a monthly or yearly basis.

Do you offer specialized, paid assistance?

Our team of advertising experts is available to help you if you require additional assistance.

We specialize in researching the best-performing item names and “keywords” for your advertising campaigns. Specialized assistance is available for only $25 per hour (minimum three hours of work).


Service FAQ

What is PrestoSell?

PrestoSell is a management service for your Google product advertising. You send your product information (item name, description, price, links) to PrestoSell and then our team establishes, optimizes, and maintains your Google Shopping advertising campaigns.

How does PrestoSell optimize my Product Ads?

PrestoSell ensures that your product ads focus on your most profitable products, and ads that do not convert to sales are phased out of your advertising campaign. PrestoSell also factors seasonality and holidays into the optimization process. Ads are automatically “switched off” during off-peak hours when shopper views are not being converted into sales, and then turned back “on” during higher traffic times.

Can I use PrestoSell with any web site?

Our PrestoSell service can manage your Google product advertising for any online retail web site. Your web site can be created, hosted and/or managed by any other service.

May I speak with a PrestoSell webmaster about product ads for my web site?

Absolutely! Our team of webmasters is available to help you customize your advertising campaigns. Contact us now!

How do I pay for the Google Product Ads from Google AdWords?

Google will bill you directly for the pay-per-click advertising. Our webmasters work with you to set up your budget and minimize your costs from Google AdWords.

Will I have access to my Google AdWords account?

Yes! You will be the owner of the Google account that we establish for your business. You’ll have full access, including the ability to change budgets and add or remove campaigns. Even if you decide to cancel PrestoSell, you can continue to use your Google AdWords account.


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