Google Shopping Key Policies – Your Product Data: Titles & Descriptions


Google’s Policy: “Excessive” or “gimmicky” capitalization is not allowed in title or description of item listings.

Example: RUNNING SHOE -or- RUNning ShoE

The following are examples of items that are allowed as policy exceptions:

  • Capitalized trademarks (“iPhone”)
  • Capitalized company or product names (“HarperCollins” or “PlayStation”)
  • Commonly inter capitalized words (“AdWords”)
  • Capitalizing only the first letters of words (i.e. Brand New In Box)
  • Capitalizing the first word after a slash ( / ) as in a web address (
  • Using acronyms (“UNICEF”), initials (UPS), phone numbers (1-800-OURSHOP), country (“UK”), or currency (“USD”)
Punctuation & Symbols

Google’s Policy: “Unnecessary” or “gimmicky” punctuation is not allowed in title or description of item listings. Title Example: “Beautiful Hair Ribbons!” Description Example: “You’ll love our hair ribbons!!! :)”

The following are examples of punctuation that is not allowed:

  • Exclamation mark in item title (none allowed)
  • Two or more exclamation marks in item description (one is allowed)
  • Repeated punctuation or symbols – example: $$$
  • Numbers, letters, or symbols that are not used as they are meant – example: “Leashes 4 Small Dogs” or “You’ll <3 Our Candles”
  • Bullet points in item descriptions

Here is a list of examples of symbols that are not allowed:


Exceptions to this policy:

  • Punctuation and symbols used as part of a company name (“3M” or “V8 Juice”)
  • Asterisks used in these cases:
  1. “5* customer support”
  2. *some conditions apply
  • Number used as product details (“24/7” or “1st,” “2nd,” “3rd”)
  • Double dashes ( — ) and ellipses ( … )

Google’s Policy: “Google Shopping doesn’t allow text that uses gimmicky repetition of words or phrases.”


  • New New Flatscreen Television
  • Custom-Made Wooden Furniture Made Custom

Google’s Policy: “Google Shopping doesn’t allow text that contains inappropriate spacing between words or punctuation.”

  • Extra spaces that make text harder to read
  • Extra spaces in between letters (“P l a t i n u m D i a m o n d E a r r i n g s”
  • Missing spaces in between words (“PlatinumDiamondEarrings”)

Exceptions to this policy:

  • Trademarked spacing (“Sony VAIO®”)
  • Extra spacing or missing spacing around punctuation like in these cases:
  1. “Style available in black , white , or grey”
  2. “Shirt+tie”
  3. $99.99
  4. 4inches
  • URL used in description text (“”)
Grammar & Spelling

Google’s Policy: Google Shopping doesn’t allow product listings with incorrect grammar or misspellings in title or description.

  • Wrong words (“All-Wether Running Shirt” — “Wether” instead of “Weather”)
  • Wrong verb tense (“Can be wearing in all types of weather” — “wearing” instead of “worn”)
  • Incorrect subject-verb agreement (“Our jewelry items has a money-back guarantee” — “has” instead of “have”)
  • Misspelled words

Exceptions to this policy:

  • Common misspellings that most people would understand (“nite” instead of “night”)
  • Abbreviations that most people would understand (“info” instead of “information”)
  • Commonly used informal words (“lovin” instead of “loving”)
  • Misspelled words used intentionally, as in a pun (“grate savings on kitchen utensils”
Relevance, Clarity, Accuracy

Google’s Policy: “Product listings must be relevant, clear, accurate, and descriptive of the products offered.”

  • Item listings must match the content on the landing page
  • Item listings cannot include promotional details (free shipping, sale information) or other details about your store (policies, stock, billing information)
  • Item listings cannot contain boilerplate text – text that is included in most or all listings
  • Item listings cannot simulate email inbox notifications
  • Item listings cannot contain “click here” or any other call-to-action phrases (“See our site for more items”)

Google’s Policy: “Google Shopping doesn’t allow product listings with images containing promotional messages, including watermarks or promotional text. Image links pointing to logos or other generic images are also not allowed.”

  • Use images of actual products, not a logo or brand name only
  • Store names and/or website URLs cannot be included as text or watermarks on an image
  • Promotional text (“free shipping” or “free gift with purchase”) is not allowed

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