Google Shopping Key Policies – Your Product Data: Shipping

Google’s Policy:

“Google Shopping only allows the promotion of product listings and websites offering shipping to the areas or regions of the countries they are targeting.”

What It Means:
  • If you’re promoting your items in Google Shopping with a US target, you must offer shipping within the US.
  • Shoppers must be provided with complete and correct shipping costs – including applicable handling fees and insurance when applicable.
  • Only direct-shipping rates are allowed. Rates for other shipping methods (such as ship to store) are not allowed.
  • If you ship from outside of the target country (i.e. US target but ships from Canada), you must provide shipping information (country, region, service, price) for the target country.
  • If you ship from outside of the target country, you must prominently state that customs and/or customs-related fees are not included in the item price or shipping price. This must be displayed during the checkout process and before the order is completed.
What PrestoSell Does For You:

Our webmasters team monitors your data feed through our Google Merchant Center account. If your data feed is disapproved because of a shipping problem, we’ll help you resolve it quickly and get your item listings back in Google Shopping.

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