Google Shopping Key Policies – Your Product Data: Return & Refund

Google’s Policy:

“Google Shopping doesn’t allow product listings promoting websites that do not provide users with a clear and conspicuous return and refund policy.”

What It Means:

Because Google doesn’t approve or process and returns or refunds, sellers must provide information on their return and refund processes clearly on their website. Sites that do not give this information may have their item listings or data feeds disapproved.

The Fix:

Google recommends a “Terms and Conditions” page that clearly lays out your return and refund policies for shoppers. This page should be easily found on your website and include your return policy, refund policy, payment methods that you accept, and seller contact information (business name and address, phone number, email address, etc.)

What PrestoSell Does For You:

When we set up your optimized data feed, we’ll review your website to make sure that it is in compliance with Google’s policies. And if there’s a problem, we’ll help you fix it so your items are approved in Google Shopping as quickly as possible.

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