Google Shopping Key Policies – User Experience: Landing Page Quality & Duplicate/Borrowed Content

Google’s Policy:

“Google Shopping prohibits product listings that lead to websites that don’t provide the user with unique and valuable content on the landing page domain.”

What It Means:

Google has certain requirements in place, called “Landing page quality” policies, that protect website visitors from:

  • experiencing an extreme amount of ads when visiting a website
  • difficulty in navigation because of ad content
  • viewing duplicate content on more than one website

Policy 2 – Duplicate and Borrowed Content:

“Google Shopping doesn’t allow the promotion of duplicate and borrowed content. Merchants can only submit content which is their own or which they represent.”

What It Means:

A merchant can create one listing per item. It doesn’t matter how many different websites they use, or how many products the item is compatible with (car parts or a memory card, to name a couple examples) – an item can only have one listing in Google Shopping.

The Fix:

Make sure your content is original. Don’t copy descriptions or use image links that you took from another site. If you have more than one web store, make sure you’re only submitting your items once – one time, from one store.

What PrestoSell Does For You:

Our webmasters monitor your data feed, so you don’t have to. If Google thinks you have duplicate or borrowed content, they’ll let us know. If your content is original, we’ll ask you for documentation and then work directly with Google to get your items re-approved. If not, we’ll work with you to figure out the best way to get your items back into Google Shopping.

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