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Hell and Mr. Fudge Rental Payment Form Quantity / Selection Unit Price (USD)
Hell and Mr. Fudge - 50% Off Rental
$ 120.00
Hell and Mr. Fudge Advertising Cards
Advertising postcards to promote screening of Hell and Mr. Fudge. Printed both sides. Back is ready to be imprinted with local information. Custom print-ready file, formatted for imprinting and cutting, is available on request. Pack of 50 8.5 x 11 inch card sheets. Four postcards per sheet. Makes 200 postcards.
$ 10.00
Hell and Mr. Fudge Blu-ray Disk Refundable Deposit
$ 50.00
Hell and Mr. Fudge Theater Poster
$ 25.00
Hell and Mr. Fudge Theater Poster - Shipping & Handling
Same charge for one or two posters.
$ 9.25
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