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Hell and Mr. Fudge DVD
MacKenzie Astin stars as Edward Fudge in this warm, thoughtful and inspiring story of one man's persistent pursuit of truth. It begins when Edward, as a child, loses a rebellious friend in a car accident. Is his friend burning in hell?
$ 15.00
The Fire That Consumes (Book)
The third edition of Edward Fudge's classic on the fate of the lost. Believers are increasingly questioning the traditional view of an eternally burning place of torment, finding it unbiblical and inconsistent with God's own character. This internationally acclaimed book investigates the teaching of Scripture and history on the topic of final punishment, and concludes that hell will involve the irreversible destruction of body and soul, leaving room for whatever degree   of conscious torment   God justly decrees in any individual case. An Evangelical Book Club Selection. (Publisher's price: $46)
$ 45.00
Hell: A Final Word (Book)
Edward Fudge's careful study of the Bible led him to reject the traditional view of an eternally burning hell. His 500-page scholarly work, ''The Fire That Consumes,'' has become the standard reference on the topic.
$ 14.00
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