Google Shopping Key Policies – Your Product Data: Pricing and Payments

Google’s Policy:

“Google Shopping requires merchants to provide users with clear and conspicuous pricing information.”

What It Means:
  • The price on an item’s landing page (the page a user “lands on” after clicking the link in Google Shopping) must match the price submitted in your data feed and shown on the Google Shopping listing.
  • For bulk quantity items, the minimum quantity total price -OR- the price per unit of the minimum quantity must be listed.
  • For items that fall under Google categories “Hardware > Building Materials > Flooring” or “Hardware > Building Materials > Tile > Tile Flooring” the listed price can be the price per unit of the minimum quantity available.
  • For mobile phones and tablets, you may list a subsidized price with a service contract. For example, you could list a mobile phone for a price of $0.00 as long you include “only with contract” (or similar verbiage) in the item’s title.
  • Item bundles or “multipack” listings must include the price for the entire number of pieces. This price must be both submitted in your data feed and easy to find on the item landing page.
  • Users must be able to purchase an item as shown on Google Shopping and receive the listed price without having to purchase any additional items.
  • Shipping fees and tax should not be included in the listed price.
  • An item’s landing page must list the price in the appropriate target country. If you are submitting your data feed for the target country United States, prices must be displayed in USD.
  • All pricing information must comply with local laws and regulations.
  • Users must be able to purchase an item at the listed price without paying for a membership.
  • Variable-priced items (such as in auctions) are not allowed. All items must have a fixed price.
  • Payment, transaction, and personal information (i.e. address) must be secure and SSL-protected via current and valid SSL certificate.
  • Your website must allow a user to purchase an item from at least one of the following options:
  1. an online payment service
  2. directly from the website
  3. using an alternate payment option, such as cash on delivery (COD) or invoice
What PrestoSell Does For You:

Our webmasters team monitors your data feed through our Google Merchant Center account. If your data feed is disapproved because of a pricing or payment problem, Google will notify us. Then we’ll work with you and Google to resolve the problem quickly and get your item listings back in Google Shopping as soon as possible.

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