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00801 SteppIR SARK-110 Antenna Analyzer
SARK-110 Antenna Analyzer - Includes: SARK-110, Rechargeable Lithium-Polymer Battery, MCX(M) to SMA (F)Adapter, 8 in SMA M/F Cable, Mini USB Cable.

(*MCX to SMA Adapter and SMA Cable included with orders shipped after August 1, 2015)
$ 389.00
00820 SARK-110 Accessory - Aluminum Alloy Stand
SARK-110 Accessory - Aluminum Alloy Stand
Supports the SARK-110 Antenna Analyzer at an angle for easy viewing
$ 2.94
00821 SARK-110 Accessory - Clip Leads
SARK-110 Antenna Analyzer Accessory - Clip Leads
$ 4.47
00822 SARK-110 Accessory - MCX to BNC Adapter Cable
SARK-110 Antenna Analyzer Accessory - MCX to BNC Adapter Cable
$ 4.47
00823 SARK-110 Accessory - Mini USB Cable (100cm)
SARK-110 Antenna Analyzer Accessory - Mini USB Cable (100cm)
(Available as a spare or replacement piece, included with SARK-110)
$ 3.00
00824 SARK-110 Accessory - Silicone Rubber Case
SARK-110 Antenna Analyzer Accessory - Silicone Rubber Case
Protect your SARK-110 from bumps and scrapes with this form-fit silicone rubber case. Designed specifically for the current version SARK-110, will also fit original SARK-110 but is not a perfect fit due to the beveled case.
$ 15.00
00825 SARK-110 Accessory - OSL Calibration Load Set
Set of color-coded calibration loads with SMA (m) connection. Includes 1 each: Open, Short, 50 ohm load.
$ 24.00
00826 SARK-110 Accessory - MCX(m) to SMA(f) adapter.
MCX male to SMA female adapter (plug).
$ 4.65
00827 SARK-110 Accessory - 8'' jumper cable, SMA(M) - SMA(F).
8'' jumper cable, SMA Male - SMA Female.
$ 6.40
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